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Experience of a life time…

Upon entering the gate, it Immediately feels like you have left the busy city behind. While driving to the lodge there is a big chance of already seeing some of the beautiful wildlife of Sondela. At the lodge every room has an aircon. The entertainment area also has a aircon in it. Between the lodge and the entertainment area the is a large fireplace as well as a fireplace inside the entertainment area.


If you are planning to go on a drive remember to take a map of Sondela with you just in case. There are a lot of activities for adults and children to enjoy. Horse riding, game drives, quads etc. Sondela has a lot of beautiful wildlife from Zebras to Kudus. There’s a lot in between and the chances of seeing some of the wildlife on your way to reception is highly likely.

When the sun sets there is a balcony from which you can view the beautiful night sky with all the starts you can imagine. There is nothing more fun than sitting at a camp fire and enjoying the beauty of nature. There is a possibility that some of the wildlife comes to the lodge as seen in some of the images. Staying in Makhato’s bush lodges just for a weekend can help you forget about all the stress.