• All visitors, including owners, must sign indemnities, as currently required.
  • No fires to be lit unless in a demarcated area.
  • Please use the Fire Drum provided to smother the fire when you are done.
  • No camping within the Nature Reserve. Please enquire at Reception for details on our Tambuki Tent, Camp and Sondela Caravan Park for an outdoor experience.
  • Only people with a valid driver’s license are allowed to drive in the Resort.
  • No house pets allowed, for their safety and for the safety of our birds and small wildlife.
  • Think Green, think conservation – no littering.
  • Please keep to the Speed limit of 30kmph.
  • Do not feed the wildlife by hand. NB: wild animals are unpredictable and can be dangerous.
  • No hunting is allowed in this Reserve. The use of firearms of any type, catapults, crossbows, throwing knives, etc., is strictly prohibited. The setting of snares or traps of any kind will also be considered a serious contravention of this rule.
  • Hikers and Cyclists are to keep to the demarcated footpaths and roads.
  • Gates and fences encountered during the course of game drives, mark the boundaries of the Reserve.
  • Please consider the property beyond as strictly “Out of Bounds”.
  • A recovery fee of R500 will be charged should your vehicle get stuck in the turf or mud.
  • It is recommended that you enquire at Reception regarding the safekeeping of your valuables.
  • Please do not remove wood from the Nature Reserve for any reason. There is wood available at the General Dealer.
  • Let your neighbours enjoy the tranquility of the Nature Reserve. No noise please, after 21:00.
  • Any motorized toys that pose a risk or nuisance to other guests are not permitted, including drones.
  • Quad bikes, motorcycles, golf carts, or any self-propelled bicycles, tricycles, etc., are not permitted. Golf carts by special approval only.
  • House residents are obliged to keep the accommodation in a clean, tidy and hygienic condition.
  • All visitors are to use all facilities and treat all property on the Resort in such a manner as will not cause damage, subject always to Management Regulations with regard thereto.
  • Please do not remove any bath towels from the units.
  • Residents damaging any part of the accommodation, movables or facilities on the Resort, whether
    willfully, negligently or accidentally, shall be liable for the repair cost.
  • Residents are bound by Management Regulations to take inventory in respect of the contents of the
    house at the commencement and conclusion of their visit. Please note that you are solely responsible for the contents of your House. Any missing or broken items shall be deducted from your key and breakage deposit on departure.
  • You are not allowed to use the Maroela Entertainment Area.
  • Guests not complying with any of these rules may, at the discretion of the Manager on Duty, be asked to leave the resort.
  • All property and persons brought onto the accommodation or land of the Resort shall be at the sole risk of the visitor, who shall have no claim whatsoever for any loss suffered, howsoever arising.


Welcome to MAKHATO, we hope you enjoy your stay!